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Breaking news! Crasher OBT is live!

Post date:2016/06/14 15:22

Breaking news! Crasher OBT will be TODAY!

S1 will be ASGARD, as most of our CBT players chose!
OBT time: 11:00 May 28th (GMT+8)
Now available in Google Play:

iOS version is still under APP Review, once approved, ios version will be released sooon.

1. For CBT players, please uninstall the CBT package and download the OBT pack. CBT is now closed.
2. Using the same account you use in CBT to log in OBT for an EXTRA GIFT when reaching Lv30!
3. Still remember the pre-register gift code? Check in mail and ready to use in OBT server!
---------------------Be a crasher and fight for glory!------------------
Get in Google Play:
IOS version is still under APP Review, once approved, iOS version will be released soon.