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  • I don’t have a 4399EN account. Can I log in with other accounts?

    You can quick start a game without registering an account. However, we recommend that you register a 4399EN account with your Email and log in with it. You can also log in our games with your Facebook account.

  • How to create a new 4399EN account?

    Tap Login button > Register > type in your Email address and password to register. 

  • I have forgot my password. How can I recover it?

    For players who login with Facebook accounts, your password is the same as your Facebook account password.

    For players who login with 4399EN accounts, you can recover your password through Login > Forget my password > type in your register email address > request verify code. You should be able to receive a mail with the verification code. Type in the code and click Submit to reset your password.

    *Note: Currently you have to first manually bind a Security Mail to your 4399EN account in Personal Center, otherwise you won’t be able to recover your password through Email.

  • I have forgot my account’s user name/Email address. How can I recover it?

    Please contact and provide us with information including the name of game, the server you are in, and the character names under your account. We are happy to assist you.

  • How can I bind my account to an Email address?

    If your account hasn’t been bound to an Email yet, you will receive a message reminding you to bind your account when you login the game. Please follow the message step by step.

  • May I change my account’s Email address?

    Generally an account’s Email address isn’t allowed to be changed once register successfully. If you have typed in an invalid Email address, please contact us at the Customer Service Center. We will reply in three working days.

  • I can’t find my character when I login with a previously created account. What should I do?

    Please make sure first that you have logged in the server you previously played in. If you still can’t find your character in the right server, please contact our Customer Service.

  • Email already exists when register?

    First, it is possible that you have already registered a 4399EN account previously. If so, please check your mailbox for the mail with your register information and login with it. It is also possible that someone else has registered an account with your Email address, in which case you will need to register with another Email address.

  • May I share my account with other person(s) or sell my account?

    Please note that both sharing and selling/buying a 4399EN account are prohibited. 4399EN is not liable to any dispute or any other consequences aroused by such conducts, and reserves the right to take actions including but not limited to banning an account that is the object of such conducts.

  • I want to play games with my account on another device. What should I do?

    A: For players with a bound account: Simply login with your account on the new device.

    For players with no bound accounts (using temporary accounts), you can:

    -  First bind your account on the old device, then log in with the account on the new device.

    -  If your old device is lost or data erased, you can contact our Customer Service and provide information including the name of game, the server you are in, the character names under your account, and the Email address you would like to use for your account. We will help you bind your character data to a 4399 account with which you can login on your new device.

  • How to transfer google / facebook login account into 4399en account?

    1.Use your phone to login with  google+ account or FB account
    2.Click the Personal Center at the top right
    3.Choose the Bind 4399EN Account in the bottom of Base Info and fill in the new 4399en account( make sure the account is new and not used before )
    PS:If you used FB account or Google+ account to bind Temp Account before, it can't bind a 4399en account anymore.

  • Why I got banned? ( Ban error: 105,201,203 )

    Error 105: Role in some server was banned.
     Error 201: Account was banned.
     Error 203: Device was banned.
    Account banned will be caused by the following reasons:
    1) Recharging by illegal ways. Please be noted that any unofficial recharging way is illegal in game.
     Account will be banned once we found that you recharge by illegal ways, which will also damage your normal recharge.
    2) Illegal acts in game, including abusing others, racism, selling account or selling diamonds (gems).
     For the game balance, we will not allow to unban the account.