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  • I have purchased some in-game gems/credits but haven’t received them in the game.

    First of all, please do not attempt to repeat your transaction. Such problem is likely caused by a network delay/error, so please wait for a while, then try to quit the game and restart it to check if you’ve received the purchased items. If not, please contact our Customer Service.

  • I have topped up for the wrong character/account. Can I withdraw my top-up?

    We are sorry, but please understand that top-up cannot be withdrawn or refunded. Please confirm that you are using the correct account/character before you top up.

  • I purchased but did not get the game points.

    1. Wait for several minutes, because of the delay of net, it will appear in a few minutes. 2. If it last for a long time, please contact us and provide us your rechargevia CS Center.

  • Can I top up by my friend or Facebook group?

    No, there's only 2 ways for legal topup in game:
    1. Via Recharge button in game
    2. Via Official Website:
    4399EN Team will not contact you in person or recharge for you in person. Any accounts that did unofficial recharge
    will be banned pernamently.